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Liquid Force Deluxe Hybrid 2014 1

Liquid Force Deluxe Hybrid 2014

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Product Description

A true rail assassin!

One of the hardest working riders in the sport, Kevin Henshaw has an unparalleled vision for building and creating. When it was time to update his pro-model board, the DELUXE, he knew exactly what he wanted… Modified for 2014, this rail assassin now features a slightly more Aggressive 3 Stage Rocker, a bit more flex on the tip and tail, and of course still features our Hybrid Technology, and our exclusive Grind Base for durability. If you’re looking for a board that can adapt to your environment and riding style, the Deluxe is for you!

Hybrid Technology
Delivers a performance hull shape with precise flex and response properties

Precision CNC Wood/PU Core
Rail and Center stringers give a lively response, flex, and board feel

Single Concave Hull w/ Edge and Tip Channels
Center concave softens landing and keeps up speed, channels increase bite and control

Triax Glass Layup
Gives increased longitudinal flex with torsional strength

Updated for 2014 – more Aggressive, Three Stage Rocker
Catch-free transitions in the park and boosting behind the boat, this rocker style delivers

LF Slider Quad Fin Setup

LF Exclusive GRIND Base

LF Exclusive Liquid Rail

Board Length (cm)
111-118 118-130 124-134 130-138 134-142 138-146 142-146 146
Rider Weight (lbs)
25-70 40-85 65-110 70-130 100-170 150-225 170-250 200-275


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