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Liquid Force Doum Skim 1

Liquid Force Doum Skim

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Product Description

Sizes: 54” & 58”

Dominic Lagace continues to be our global ambassador for the sport of wakesurfing.  No rider travels the world as much as Doum to spread his love of shredding the lip of boat wakes!  Whether he’s riding in a contest or teaching a first timer, the pure stoke that he has for the sport is contagious!  His top selling board is back with some new artwork and remains the ultimate high performing, yet highly durable skim surfer in our line.  Busting huge airs, spinning, shuving, and doing it all again switch stance… the sky is the limit with this brand new design! Hi-5!

Compression Molded Design
Strength, durability and performance.
Full Rail Shape with Sharp Edge through the Tail
Quicker water release for improved speed and glide.
Nose and Tail Channels
Gives control when riding reverse or switch.
1.5”Single Fin
Enough fin to drive; yet loose enough to let go and spin.
Grooved EVA Two Part Deck Pad
Arch bar and kick stop in tail for extra grip and control; solid front pad sure-footed hold.


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