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Liquid Force Harley Grind 1

Liquid Force Harley Grind

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Sizes: 131, 135, 139, 143


An all around superstar, Harley continues to get better every day.  He wins nearly every contest he enters, and has become one of the most dominant riders on the planet.  When it comes to creating a board design that matches his ability, it needs to be smooth, fast, and ultra poppy.  It’s not easy setting trends and inventing tricks, so Harley’s board has got to be a step above and his pro model certainly is.  The board is also available with a Grind base for park shredders or anyone looking for a base with ultimate durability.  Whether you’re a contest champion, or a weekend warrior you’ll appreciate all that the Harley board has to offer!


Aggressive Three Stage Rocker
Straight up boosts off the wake


Triple Concave into Quad V Channels
Triple Concave is provided for pillow soft landings with continued speed and never ending flow.  Quad V channels create fast rail to rail edging and grip


Low volume, variable edge rails
Faster on edge with more hold… smooth and catch-free thru middle


Small RX Quad Fin Setup
Short, low profile blades for low drag and superior control


LF Exclusive GRIND Base available on Harley Grind
The ultimate in durability from our sintered base material while maintaining the hull shape.


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