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Liquid Force Tommy Custom 1

Liquid Force Tommy Custom

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Sizes: 52″ & 56″

When he’s not traveling the globe on the Amazing Race, or coaching the US Snowboard team, high performance skim-style wake surf riding is Tommy Czeschin’s passion.  He’s worked with our crew to create the ultimate machine to help him rip the wake all day long.  Tested in his home waters of Crowley Lake, CA the TC Custom Skim is the performance board that die-hard skim surfers have been begging us to create; designed to surf the wake but with an aggressive, skate/skim style.  This little lightweight rocket ship will let you explore the wake and create unique lines like nothing else in our line.

Stringered EPS Core with Custom Fiberglass Lay-up
Lightweight construction for optimum performance.
Lowered Skim Rocker with Crisp Rails Tip to Tail
Slippery and fast – ready to rip.
Double Wing Round Pin Shape
Flutes under wings for extra drive and release.
Single Fin Set-Up
Center fin simplicity keeps it loose.
Grooved EVA Deck Pad
Arch bar and kick stop for positive grip and sure-footed traction.


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