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Liquid Force Shane Hybrid 2014 1

Liquid Force Shane Hybrid 2014

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Product Description

The most versatile Hybrid in our lineup!

Shane has been around the world a time or two… he’s been there and done that… He knows what he likes and what he wants, that’s why he’s so proud of his pro-model, the SHANE HYBRID. Shane’s ride comes equipped with our exclusive Grind Base and Liquid Rail so he can hit anything and know his base and sidewall are protected…. Even the pros love durability in their ride! It also features an Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker that is perfect for today’s gigantic boat wakes… Shane’s boat riding continues to be aggressive and his board helps him boost off the wake with a quick snap on every hit. If you’re pushing the levels of peak performance on your wakeboard behind the boat OR at the cable, give the SHANE HYBRID a try. It is the most versatile Hybrid in our lineup and perhaps the industry!

Precision CNC Wood/PVC Core
Provides the springiest, lightest flex – Triple stringers for strength and flex, PVC keeps it light

Double to Triple Concave Hull
Center Double for soft landings with no speed loss, Triple Concave ends for ollie power and pop

Triax Glass Setup
Glass weave provides torsional rigidity with increased longitudinal flex.

Aggressive, Three Stage Rocker

LF Slider Quad Fin Setup

LF Exclusive GRIND Base

LF Exclusive Liquid Rail

Hybrid Technology

Board Length (cm)
111-118 118-130 124-134 130-138 134-142 138-146 142-146 146
Rider Weight (lbs)
25-70 40-85 65-110 70-130 100-170 150-225 170-250 200-275


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