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Liquid Force B.O.B

Liquid Force B.O.B. Grind 2014

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Product Description

The ultimate wake riding machine!

The next generation in Pro Model design took the market by storm this past season, and it is here to stay. Bob Soven has championed this design and his riding has visibly gone to the next level on it. The B.O.B. is a combination of an innovative core, advance construction process, and several design features that make it truly come alive. With the see-through graphic, one can get a glimpse of the beauty that starts at the heart/core of this board. A thin profile CNC Wood Core is what gets things started. This core and our Internal Liquid Rail are masterfully wrapped in our lightweight glass layup for the ultimate in responsive flex. Top it off with a next level rocker template, the Five Stage Rocker, and you’ve got the ultimate wake riding machine!

Next-Gen LF Pro Model Construction
Thinner profile, wood core, lively flex pattern… LF’s Next Gen brings life to your ride

CNC Milled Wood Core
Thinner profile for increased sensitivity and flex

Progressive, FIVE Stage Rocker
Extra straight-up kick off the wake without the braking effect of an abrupt 3-stage bottom curve

LF Internal Liquid Rail
Elastomeric sidewall encloses the core for increased durability and rail strength

Single to Double Venturi Concave Hull Shape
Water flow accelerates from a wide center concave into compressing dual tip concaves that gives these boards extra boost off the wake – Edge channels provide extra edging control

LF Exclusive GRIND Base and slightly softer flex pattern
(Featured on B.O.B. GRIND)

Blunted SX Slider Fin Setup on B.O.B. Grind

Board Length (cm)
111-118 118-130 124-134 130-138 134-142 138-146 142-146 146
Rider Weight (lbs)
25-70 40-85 65-110 70-130 100-170 150-225 170-250 200-275


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