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Liquid Force Chase Sixer 2014

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Product Description

Super versatile and full of quickness!

The Sixer is back and better than ever! The 2014 model glides faster, is thinner, lighter, and is more alive than we could have ever imagined! Chase’s progressive moves and innovative surf style demand a board that can keep up with him and that is just what we’ve given him in his new model. Super versatile and full of quickness, the Sixer comes equipped with a unique fin setup so you can maximize its versatility and effectiveness behind the boat! Ride it as a quad with large sides and small rear fins for solid drive and thrust out of the wake. As a twinzer with small canard fins in front of the large sides, the board pivots quickly without spinouts. And for the loosest feel, the Sixer can be ridden as a twin fin that turns on a dime. Also new for 2014, a 4’4” for smaller rippers!

Updated Shape for Increased Performance
Thinner, faster,  lighter, and with more glide

Performance Lightweight EPS Core
Precision cut and finish hand shaped one at a time

Double Concave Slotted Hull
Speed, flow, and amazing thrust through the tail

Wide, Blunted Shape with Nose Channels
Stomp reverses with confidence and control

Versatile Fin Setup Options
Ride it as a Quad, Twinzer, or Twin.

Front and Rear EVA Grooved Traction with Archbars & Kickstops
The ultimate grip and control to stay attached while flying.


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