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Liquid Force Witness Grind 2014 1

Liquid Force Witness Grind 2014

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Product Description

An explosive yet durable Grind Based board!

A fan favorite and people pleaser… the WITNESS GRIND has been a staple in the LF line for years! If you’re an intermediate cable/rail rider or a boat rider looking for a poppy board with a durable Grind Base, the WITNESS GRIND will help you progress to the next level. It has unlimited potential, is ultra smooth, and will improve your riding. Many of the best have ridden this board at some point throughout their career because it flat out gets the job done!!

Three Stage, Hybrid Rocker
Straighter center curve for solid edging and speed – Added kick at ends for steeper arc off wake

Double Concave V-Tail
Controlled water flow through the ends for extra thrust and lift – Quick rail to rail transitions

Winged Rail Shape
Side slots give extra bite for back footed riding and quicker release off the wake

LF Exclusive Grind Base
Durable sintered base that holds up to daily park abuse

Molded in Deep, Canted Long Based Side Fins
Large inside fin face gives super positive hold while its low profile allows for no hang-ups

Board Length (cm)
111-118 118-130 124-134 130-138 134-142 138-146 142-146 146
Rider Weight (lbs)
25-70 40-85 65-110 70-130 100-170 150-225 170-250 200-275


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